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When to Know WHEN – Social Media for Smart Business Owners

As business owners, how many hats do you wear? Customer Service, Sales, Operations, Production, HR, Marketing . . . ???

When in growth phase it’s hard to juggle wearing all those hats. The ones you wear the least tend to be Sales and Marketing but that’s where your growth comes from, right? But it’s hard to actually DO the business and keep up to date with the latest tools and buyer behaviors. So, how do you know when you should hand over one of those critical hats to a professional?

On Tuesday, November 8, Lisa Busby, founder and owner of LMCB Social, will let us know “When to Know When” – to give one of those hats to a Social Media Marketing professional.

In this strategic session, you’ll learn –

  • When should you hand over your Social Media Marketing
  • What should you be doing on your own and
  • What should you turn over to an outside team member

Lisa will share the BIG clue of When to Know When along with 3 other supporting clues that might be a signal to you as a business owner that you should look at hiring social media help. While business owners realize they need to be using social media as part of their marketing efforts, it’s hard to know what are good decisions when it comes to their social media channels. We’ll take a look at some of the signs. You’ll also find out what you should absolutely be doing for yourself.

On November 8, we want you! Go vote and then come get social with LMCB Social and NAWBO. Learn “When to Know When”.

About our featured speaker:

Lisa Busby, founder and owner of LMCB Social, is a native Memphian who enjoys promoting Memphis, the people, and businesses of the fine MidSouth area. Social media marketing for businesses is the business of LMCB Social. Many people ask what “LMCB” stands for. Lisa explains, “Let Me Communicate Business or my full name, whichever one you can remember easier.”

Besides running LMCB Social, she is an active member of the local chapter of NAWBO and completed the NAWBO 901 Accelerator Program earlier this year. She also recently earned a Diploma of Distinction in Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management. In the past, she has served on the board of other networking groups, as well as non-profit groups. When not online working or playing with social media channels or volunteering, she can usually be found cheering on her boys from sidelines across the area.

Growing up here in Memphis, she graduated from Briarcrest and went away for college. While at the University of Alabama, she studied communications before ending up at Ole Miss and graduating with a BA in Radio and Television. After graduation, she worked for the University of Mississippi in their video production center before taking a job back in Memphis as a radio traffic and news reporter. 

Prior to starting LMCB Social, Lisa worked in different capacities supporting local businesses with social media marketing efforts. She’s been giving area companies an online voice for more than seven years and Lisa has been the catalyst for the past two years behind the Social Media Day celebrations in Memphis. Celebrated every June 30 worldwide, she has pulled together sponsors and organized online and off-line events to bring positive attention to our city.

LMCB Social can be found online at Lisa would be delighted to connect with you on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! She can be found at @LMCBsocial!

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