Upleveling from Manager Mindset to CEO Behaviors

You’re the boss and you’re busy. What exactly are you busy doing? Be honest – are you busy making sure that Suzie from accounting paid your vendors?

Or, are you setting strategies to create fiercely loyal employees and FANtastic customer experiences?

Ask yourself “Am I behaving like a manager or performing like a CEO?”

FANtastic leadership is the cornerstone of success for businesses like Zappos, Virgin, Google, Southwest Airlines.

How do you “get that” in your business?

It starts with you and your ability to pivot. And while it feels impossible at times, it’s really not.

In this talk by Gina Trimarco, she will share her experiences and best practices for upleveling from manager mindset to CEO behavior, with examples of how she scaled one business (Carolina Improv Company) into another (Pivot10 Results)

Specifically, she will share:

• How to align your passion and purpose with the strategy and vision of your company

• How to attract the best talent in the marketplace and give them epic reasons to work for you (and stay for a “lifetime”)

• How to leverage your personality and skills to lead a team of talent to put maximum distance between you and your competitors

About Gina Trimarco & Pivot10 Results:

CK_Gina_Trimarco_Headshots_Sept_2013-24 copy - CopyGina Trimarco, Chief Results Officer, knows how to pivot to profits from problems and find joy through the process. Her personal mantra: “See the opportunities in the obstacles and make the impossible possible.”

Gina believes that performance pays and people need to be trained to perform on the stage of business to achieve results, but every stage needs a director with a vision and the ability to motivate others to be in the “show”.

With 20+ years of operations, marketing and sales experience in a variety of industries, Gina has held a variety of positions including Marketing Director, Sales Director, PR Director, Publicist, Operations Manager, Media Buyer, Video Producer, Artistic Director, General Manager, President … and now Chief Results Officer, which is cooler than CEO in her opinion. From training and developing employees to analyzing a profit and loss statement, she knows how to start and grow a business. One of her claims to fame is launching a business in a recession when others thought she was crazy to do so.

Her “street cred” is pretty darn good but what really sets her apart is her formal training in applied improv training for business. To succeed and profit in business you need to be able to improvise and function without a “script”. Your team needs to be adaptable on sales calls, during financial hard times, when confronted with challenging people. They need to quickly pivot to a better place and not let anyone see them sweat. Add one more item to this resume that she thinks is most important: being raised by an entrepreneurial father who made her work in flea markets as a kid to learn the value of negotiating, communicating with others and general hard work ethic.

Owner of Carolina Improv Company, the #1 Nightlife Attraction in Myrtle Beach, according to TripAdvisor, Gina knows how to create customer engagement and experience both in B2C and B2B. Carolina Improv Company’s corporate training division spun off into Pivot10 Results, a training and consulting company that helps businesses shift from people problems to performance results through strategic planning and employee training.

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