Membership Overview

NAWBO members are as diverse as the business community itself. Although we come from different industries, backgrounds and experiences, what binds us: Business Ownership!

Our shared experience as business owners and women is what makes our alliance so powerful. Our robust membership gives us the respect of the business, civic and government community, but provides the added benefit of getting to know one another.

Some may consider joining NAWBO as a quick way to reach potential buyers and grow their network of customers. We don’t discourage members from learning about each others’ businesses, but we hope that if you’re joining NAWBO for the purpose of meeting new potential clients, you’ll learn there’s more to membership and there are so many facets of NAWBOmembership.

Joining NAWBO means not only that you’ll be able to reach ‘up’ to those who can help or assist you, but you’ll be asked to reach ‘down’ to those business owners who need your aid or support. You’ll find yourself reaching ‘over’ to every member, forming friendships, clients, vendors and many coaches to get you to the next level in your business.

Interested in learning more about NAWBO? We have a couple ways for you to learn more:

– MONTHLY MEETINGS – Each month our membership meets for an educational or inspirational presentation. You are invited as a guest for the cost of lunch or dinner – we encourage your visit ANYTIME to NAWBO!

You can be added to our email notification list so that you’ll know about events as they approach. You can also ask to learn more about membership and be contacted by our Membership Committee.

Use our Contact Us Form to ask for more information!

Want a more personal interaction? Call Shayna Rattler @ 901-328-8842 or via email at She’ll be happy to assist with any questions!

Apply online at or fax your membership application to 901-405-1702.