May Luncheon: How to Build Your Business by Speaking- The Inside Scoop!

Speaking is one of the best – and fastest – ways to grow a business.  And, if you’re not out there speaking to your target audience, frankly, you’re missing the boat!  But how do you get started?  And how do you learn to navigate all the in’s and out’s of this powerful strategy?

In this jam-packed presentation, Denise gives you the inside scoop … everything you need to know to successfully market your business through speaking.

You’ll learn:

  • Where to find the right kinds of groups to speak to and how to get the speech scheduled.
  • How to handle the logistics … and the inevitable curve balls that get thrown your way!
  • What goes into putting together a compelling presentation.
  • How to make an offer from the stage like a pro.

Most importantly, you’ll know how to …

Deliver your presentation with confidence, impact, and genuine sharing, so that it not only generates business, but makes a positive difference in people’s lives as well.

D Hedges-webDenise Hedges is a business development coach and marketing strategist with over 25 years experience in sales and marketing.  As the co-founder of Business BreakThrough Institute, she’s created the world’s foremost attraction-based sales and marketing system. Denise specializes in working with women business owners, helping them move past any doubt about sales and marketing, so they can attract more customers and clients and make more money!

Denise is a Professional Certified Coach and a member of the Coach University Faculty. She trains personal and business coaches all over the world!

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