January 2013 Luncheon @ Napa Cafe

Tuesday January 15, 2013 – Tuesday January 15, 2013

5101 Sanderlin Avenue

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Please join us for our next NAWBO Luncheon:
Karen Garner, President of Magnolia Homes and Oak Grove Realty


Karen  Garner  founded  Magnolia  Homes  in  1987  as  a  single  mother  of  two  children.    She   has  been  in  the  building  business  for  36  years.     She  is  often  asked  “How  can  a  woman  succeed  as  a  builder?” Karen  credits  her  success   to   perseverance  coupled  with  a  positive  attitude  and  believes  these  two  qualities   can  take  anyone  beyond  the  limits  that  are  placed  before  them.    Celebrating  their  25th  anniversary  her  passion  for  building  is  seen   in  over  600  homes  that  she  has  built  as  Magnolia  Homes   with  “That  Extra  Touch”.
Come Hear From Karen
 January 15 2013 


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